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Susan Jones


Susan has been an animal lover most of her life. So as a young child would bring home abandoned animals. She grew up with dogs and horses. So was always knee deep in animals. So therefore she started raising. As a result started showing and breeding horses in high school and enjoying every moment.

As time went on her passion for animals grew. Therefore it led to a life long dream of owning a breeding farm. As a result she would be able to raise foals and show horses Before graduation she decided she would work towards that dream and in her senior year started working for a veterinarian as a kennel assistant.

While working for the veterinarian she earned her degree in Equine Training and Management and started her own pet sitting business. After graduation she remained working for the veterinarian and worked her way up to veterinarian technician.

After 10 years of working for the veterinarian her love for animals grew. She desired to learn how to take care of different kinds of animals besides dogs and cats.

So in her desire to expand her pet care knowledge Susan worked for another veterinarian with a more expansive client base. There she learned how to take care of pocket pets, exotics, birds, reptiles, monkeys and some wildlife.

She continued working for the Veterinarian and pet sitting for the hospital clients when she came to the realization that there was a need for pet sitting on a professional level. In 1996 Susan started her own pet sitting company All Creatures Pet Sitting. While getting her business going, Susan worked full time as a certified vet technician. In 1998 Susan left employment at the veterinarian clinic and became a full time pet sitter. She resides with her family, 7 dogs, 2 horses, fish, birds, chickens, 2 cats.

Meet the Team

Donna Rowen all creatures pet sitting about us page

Donna Rowen


Donna has been with All Creatures Pet Sitting since July 2014. She feels pets are such an enrichment in our lives, and she enjoys being in their company and caring for them. Donna and her husband have a rescued, sweet senior dog named Luna. She is an American Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer mix, who is a lovebug!

Christine McCoy all creatures pet sitting about us page

Christine Mccoy


She grew up with animals all her life. She will take care of any animal in need and even helps feed the homeless people out on the streets. She has a Heart of gold. She is an asset to our company. She does pet sitting and takes care of the boarding animals for our company. She has been with the company since 2014. She has 3 dogs, a cat.

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