All Creatures Pet Sitting Policies

All Creatures Pet Sitting Phoenix Az.
All Creatures Pet Sitting policies are in place to help to provide the best possible services for you and your pets. The following policies apply:


It is imperative that all pets be up-to-date on vaccinations and proof submitted  at time of contract signing. All Creatures Pet Sitting cannot provide service for aggressive animals, those with a history of biting, or pets whose vaccinations are not current. This is for the safety of the pet sitter. All pets must wear identification tags while in our care. All Creatures Pet Sitting welcomes special needs pets.


All reservations must be made either thru the web site or by telephone. Please do not contact your pet sitter directly as they cannot make reservations. Please book as far ahead as possible to ensure we can provide service on the dates requested, especially for nationally recognized holidays.

Before You Leave:

Please leave a note for your sitter with specific instructions related to the current visit. While we have the instructions in our files from original consultation, things may have changed slightly from the previous visit. Please advise us if there are alarm codes or key changes before you leave. Make sure we have up-to- date  contact info in the case of emergencies or  there are questions or issues that arise while you are away. 


Is due at time of booking. Must be paid in full prior to your service. You can pay by check, cash, or credit card, PayPal. We keep your credit card number on file for future service. If you prefer to pay by check, please make them out to All Creatures Pet Sitting. Mail checks to 3218 E. Bell Rd #114 Phoenix, AZ 85032.


In order to serve your needs, the following strict cancellation policy is as follows – Day visits are subject to a one week cancellation period. Overnight visits are subject to a two week cancellation period. Holidays are subject to a four week cancellation period Client will be responsible for half the invoice if canceled within this period.

Holiday Cancellations & Surcharge:

Holiday cancellations made 3 weeks prior to service are not refunded. These are busy times, and we set that  time aside for you and if we were to turn someone down and you cancel, then we lost money. Please note there is a 50% surcharge on certain Holiday’s. 

Job Sharing:

All Creatures does not job share. Our insurance and bonding policies cover All Creatures employees only. While we understand the financial benefit of having friends and family share the visits, it is stressful to both the pets and the pet sitters. All requests must be discussed with the owner of All Creatures Pet Sitting directly and may require a waiver of insurance and bonding protection provided by All Creatures.


All Clients are required to have 2 working keys at contract signing.

Additional Fees:

  • Late booking fee – $25.00
  • Holiday Surcharge – 50% on major Holiday’s
  • Returned check fee – $35.00
  • Key pick up/drop off – $0
  • Veterinary Emergency – $45.00/Hour plus Veterinarian fees
  • Locksmith – $75.00 plus Locksmith fees