House Training Tips For Dogs

At All Creatures Pet Sitting, as your pet sitter, we are often asked how to house break my puppy or dog. As with puppies, adult dogs can be housebroken.

There is more to house training than praising the puppy or dog when it eliminates where it is supposed to and punishing it when it eliminates in the house. It is important that the dog learn the sequence from feeling the urge to eliminate to finding the outdoors to relieve itself. Many people miss this step in the house training process

Punishment has virtually no role in house breaking you puppy or dog. Animals, like humans, make associations between acts and consequences. That’s how we learn! Finding an accident on the floor  and pointing it out to the dog when you come home does not mean that the dog understands that this was wrong. We still have a tendency to grab the dog, drag it to the spot and rub their nose in it. When the dog cringes upon your arrival, you think it looks guilty or sorry. The association that the dog has learned from this routine is that you come home, it gets punished. A few times of this routine and the dog becomes anxious when you come home because you are always angry and the situation worsens. It is slightly better to correct the dog when you catch in the act. But there is a danger that the dog will learn not to eliminate in your presence and now it waits until you are not around. We still haven’t taught it what to do when it  needs to eliminate.

  • It is best to catch them before they eliminate by recognizing the signs that they may need to go. This way, they make the connection right from their urge to eliminate. Learning takes place best at this early stage
  • Praise the puppy or dog IMMEDIATELY during and after squatting to relieve itself. The act of eliminating is self-reinforcing, but the location is not. The location is what you are reinforcing.
  • Do not carry the dog outdoors, it needs to walk there on its own in order to learn the sequences. If you have a pet door, do not allow your dog through any other door to eliminate.
  • Here are the circumstances which can stimulate the  urge to eliminate: When finished chewing on bones or playing with toys, when waking up from a nap, and after any form of playing.
  • Very young puppies need to eliminate every 1 to 2 hours. When in doubt, take him out! Puppies have a high metabolism and undeveloped bladders and kidneys.
  • The intestines are stimulated after eating and a big drink can stimulate the bladder. DO NOT free feed your dog if you are not home during the day.

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How to Keep Your Horses Safe During a Thunderstorm

Here in Arizona we have many large thunderstorms this time of year. How can you keep your horses and other livestock safe?

While most livestock don’t spook just from lightening or thunder, some may. They can cause a lot of damage to their stall or themselves when they do if they’re confined, so consider letting them out to a larger area.

Wooden barn are safer than metal barns. Equip all your metal buildings with lightning rods, and make sure your pipes are grounded. You should also use a non-metal water container, and never place it on top of a hill.

Always check the weather forecast. Lightning strikes the highest point from the ground, and a rider on a horse is a good target. If you get caught out in a storm, stay away from lone trees, and head to low ground. A group of trees is less likely to get hit, but a wooden structure is better to wait out the storm. Wait half an hour after you last hear thunder before leaving to make sure it’s safe.

Our storms usually come with high winds, so make sure siding, roofing, and fence posts are secure; they can become dangerous projectiles.

Remember that lightening can strike twice! If it has hit anything near your home in the past, it is likely to do so again.


Remember, All Creatures Pet Sit takes care of animals big or small. We’re here for your cats, dogs, horses, pigs, and more.

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Pool Safety

Here in Arizona, almost everyone has a pool. It’s a great way to relax or exercise when it’s so hot out. What does this mean for our pets? Pools can be dangerous, but if used safely, can help your dog play and stay cool. Having a dog is a lot like having a toddler, so use the same rules for pool play. Here are some suggestions to staying safe.


Just because your dog can swim, doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. You wouldn’t leave a three year old alone in a pool, so don’t leave you dog either. They could get tired or confused, needing your heHere in Arizona, almost everyone has a pool. It’s a great way to relax or exercise when it’s so hot out. What does this mean for our pets? Pools can be dangerous, but if used safely, can help your dog play and stay cool. Having a dog is a lot like having a toddler, so use the same rules for pool play. Here are some suggestions to staying safe. • Supervise: Just because your dog can swim, doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. You wouldn’t leave a three year old alone in a pool, so don’t leave you dog either. They could get tired or confused, needing your help. Dogs will often play until exhausted, and dogs new to swimming may not know their limits. Make sure the person supervising knows how to swim, in case a rescue is needed.

Teach Them:

Some people think that dogs instinctively know how to swim, but this isn’t true. NEVER throw a dog into water. If you aren’t comfortable teaching your dog to swim, you can hire a trainer. Start slow, and if your dog is scared or doesn’t like it, don’t push them. Most importantly, teach your dog where the exit to the pool is. They can’t always see under them to find the steps, so putting a landmark like a potted plant nearby may help them know where they are. There are also ramps you can install that may be easier to use for smaller dogs.

Limit access:

Many areas in Phoenix have laws requiring fences around pools. If you don’t have one, look into getting one installed. Many people have a separate fenced off area for their dogs to do their business so there isn’t a chance of any pool accidents.

Safety Vests:

Think about using these if you dog isn’t a confident swimmer, or gets tired easily. Smaller or older dogs may find them especially helpful. Be sure to watch for overheating due to the vest. Always use life vests if your dog is swimming in a river, lake, or ocean as there are too many unknown factors.

Other tips:

Dry out your dogs’ ears after a swim to prevent infection.

Always provide fresh clean water so they aren’t tempted by pool water.

Wash them off quickly with a hose after a dip in the pool, as the chlorine can dry out their skin.

Have fun!


All Creatures Pet Sitting will always take the utmost care to keep your pets safe around pools while we’re visiting. Call us at (602) 404-4185 to schedule a meeting!

How to keep your pets safe this 4th of July

Holidays are a great time to celebrate for us humans, but they can be very stressful to our pets. The American Humane Association reports that July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters; pets get scared by the noise and often panic and run. Other holiday items can make your pet sick, making the day after the fourth also very busy for veterinarian clinics. Here are 5 ways to keep your pets safe this holiday weekend.

  1. Keep your pet indoors all day

Not everyone waits until dark to start celebrating, so keep your pets safe inside. Fireworks and other loud noises can cause pets to jump a fence or get lost trying to find safety. It’s also very hot outside this time of year, and pets easily overheat. Keep them indoors with plenty of cool water to avoid this!

  1. Have your pets identification up to date

In the event that your pet does get away, the easiest way to ensure their return is to have an ID tag on their collar with a phone number and address. Microchipping your pet is also a good idea, all shelters and veterinary clinics will scan your pet for one if found.

  1. Keep your pets calm

Loud noises and bright lights are very confusing and scary to many animals. Lowering the blinds and turning on a television or radio are things that can help keep your pet calm by covering some of the noise and blocking out lights. Make sure to also spend some time with your pets if they seem anxious.

  1. Never put sunscreen or bug repellant on your pet that isn’t specifically for them

You may think that sunscreen and bug repellant are good things, but many ingredients in these products can be harmful to pets.  Ingesting sunscreen can cause drooling, vomiting, lethargy, and even death in animals. Only use products formulated for your pet.

  1. Don’t feed table scraps

Not only can they cause an upset stomach; many of the foods we eat are toxic to our pets! Especially dangerous are onions, grapes, chicken bones, and alcohol.


What should you do if you’re going to be out of town? Call All Creatures Pet Sitting at 602-404-4185 and we’ll check in on your pooch or kitty to make sure everything’s ok.


Is Your Pet A Latch Key Pet? This Phoenix Pet Sitter To The Rescue

Do you work long hours at your job? Do you leave early in the morning and come home in the dark? Are your pets left home alone all day? What happens if you don’t have a doggie door? Does he/she have to hold it all day long? Do you feel guilty because you cant come home during the day to let him/her out? If you answered yes to the last question then why not think about hiring a professional pet sitter. This phoenix pet sitting company is coming to the rescue.

Your pets would be much happier if they could relieve themselves during the day. If left home alone all day to play by themselves this is where a lot of bad behavior comes into play. They don’t get exercised enough and pent up exercise can lead to bad behavior, like separation anxiety, torn up belongings, cant settle down when you first get home.

All Creatures Pet Sitting will come in and exercise your pet, either by walking or just by playing with its toys to burn that excess energy off. We even give one on one attention, so that don’t have that left alone feeling. Call 602-404-4185 or visit for your own specialized play package.

What Do You Do To Keep Your Pet Cool In Phoenix?

When summer comes in Phoenix, what do you do to keep you and your pet cool? There are a few fun things you can do. I only recommend hiking if it is done very, very early. It is great exercise, but dogs can overheat very quickly. All Creatures Pet Sitting will not exercise dogs if the temperature is above 90 degrees.  Makes sure you bring plenty of water for both of you.

The best thing to keep your pet cool is getting in the pool. You can teach your dog to swim, its great exercise and it will keep your pet cool. Always teach your dog where the stairs are so he knows how to get out just in case you are not home and he fell in.


Throwing the ball in the pool will also exercise him at the same time. If you don’t have a pool, go buy a baby pool. They can still cool off in it. They get their paws wet and some will lie down in it.

Indoor play is also a good way to stay cool. You will be in the air conditioning. You can play games with their toys, roll the ball down the hall. When you are done with that you can give them frosty paws or just plain old ice.

This Phoenix pet sitting company will be happy to play with your dogs in the pool or play games with them indoors. So Call 602-404-4185 and let the summer games begin.

What happens to your pets care if you are pregnant and go into labor

What happens to  your pets care when you are in the hospital having your baby? Its late at night and you go into labor and you suddenly remember what’s going to happen to Fluffy while I am in the hospital. Who can you call in the middle of the night to come and get your keys  and animal care sheets? Every phoenix pet sitter is closed at that hour. Well I am here to tell you how you can avoid this problem.

First you call All Creatures Pet sitting and set up a meet and greet in advance before you go into labor. This way we will have all the keys and information before your trip to the hospital. This will be one thing to check off your plate. Fluffy’s well being will be taken care of and you wont have to worry anymore.

Then we wait for a call, email from you that the special event has arrived. No matter what time it is we are there to take care of Fluyy’s needs. All Creatures Pet Sitting will text you to let you know we made it to your house and that we will continue to text with details of how your pet is doing until you come home.

Call 602-404-4185 or visit to set up your meet and greet.

What Does Pet Sitting Cost In Phoenix

I am sure you are wondering whether you can afford to hire a professional pet sitting company. There are many companies out there, so who do you chose? What factors do you consider when hiring a phoenix pet sitting company? Is it cost or is it your peace of mind? Just because a company is cheaper does not mean you will get quality service. Let me give you some information to help you chose the right phoenix pet sitting company.

The mass majority price per visit range from $18-$28 a visit. What makes these companies different? Most companies offer the same services, so why is there a big difference in price? Well usually the lower end companies have not been in business that long. They may lack the experience in pet care. Most likely the are not insured or bonded. The higher in companies will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. They provide outstanding service.

You may wonder how long the visits are. Some companies lump all the services into one price and not charge by the minute. Other sitters visits are 30 minutes long. Neither company is wrong, it just boils down to trust. Can I trust this sitter?

Let me tell you what All Creatures Pet Sitting charges. Our visits start at $25 and we are there between 30-40 minutes. We play with your pets, we even will walk your dog for you at no extra charge. We clean up after your pet, bring in your mail, alter lights in the house, we leave your house the same way we found it. We are insured and bonded, we have an a plus rating with the BBB, and an A rating with Angie’s list. We have been in business since 1996, we have a certified vet tech on staff 24/7. All our staff is employee’s, we do background checks on each staff, and we carry workman’s comp in case of an accident. We always have a back up sitter in case of emergencies. We take pride in our work, we provide quality care to every client.

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What Types of Services Do All Creatures Pet Sitting Offer

This Phoenix Pet Sitter offers a wide variety of services for the Phoenix and Surrounding Areas. We taylor a program that works for you and your pet. All Creatures Pet Sitting will sit down with you and work out a program that is best for your animals. With all of our packages we include a 25 point check list at each visit to insure the best care for your animals. Here is a complete list of services this phoenix pet sitter offers:

Live-Ins- What this means is your pet sitter will live in your home for 18 hours a day. This way your animals will not be alone for long periods of time. Your sitter is only gone for 2 hours at a time. This service is great for pets that have separation anxiety who cant be left for long periods at a time.

Overnights-  Your sitter stays 9-12 hours at a time. Anywhere from 6pm – 6am, 8pm-6am. Your sitter will even sleep with your pets.

Daily Visits-   We will do as many visits as you need, usually 2-3 times per day. These visits are 20-30 minutes. Your sitter will feed your animals, do a small walk if needed, clean up after your animals, get your mail, give any medications, and do a home security check.

Dog Walking- We offer a few packages to choose from. Our walks are from 20-30 minutes long. Dogs are never turned off their leashes. This is for the safety of your dog.  This service is great for people who work during the day. It burns off excess energy.

Potty Breaks-   These are 15 minute breaks. Great for owners who work long hours or for housebreaking your puppy.

Small Dog Boarding- This service is for dogs under 35 pounds. Limited large dog boarding. All dogs must get along with other dogs. Must be current on vaccinations and be free of parasites.

Exotic Pet Boarding-  This includes mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds and reptiles. Must provide own cage, food and any other supplies needed.

Horse Care- We will  turn your horse out, groom, feed and clean stalls. Call for other services.

Call 602-404-4185 or visit for more information

Do You Know What the Benefits of Walking Your Dog Are

thCAJ7UIUADoes your dog lay around all day at home while you are working? Do you come home to a mess? Does your dog chew or tear things up? Is your dog out of control with so much energy that he knocks you over when you come thru the door? Is your dog overweight? These are all signs that your dog is not getting enough exercise. So you ask yourself how can I give my dog enough exercise while I am working.  I come home to late to walk him, and I do not have time in the mornings. That is when you hire a professional dog walker.

Here are some of the benefits of walking your dog

1. Walking your dog helps release some of his high energy he has bottled up inside. He will be more relaxed and not so anxious when you come home, and less likely to chew up things.

2. If your dog is obese it helps him loose weight. Being overweight will put a strain on the heart and make it work harder. The rest of the organs will be affected.

3.  His body will be more healthier.

4. He keeps a regular routine, which keeps him from making messes in the house, because he will get to relieve himself on the walk.

All Creatures Pet Sitting offers dog walking. We have been walking dogs for over 34 years. We will not walk   more than 2 dogs at a time. We do this for the safety of your dog and the pet sitter. In Arizona we have to be careful of the heat during summer months. This Phoenix pet sitting company will only walk dogs when it is below 90 degrees. Dogs can overheat when the temperature rises. We can walk your dog 5-7 days a week, or just while you are on vacation. If your dog is overweight we will work closely with your vet.

Call 602-404-4185 or visit to book your dog walking needs.