This Phoenix Pet Sitter Takes Care of Horses

Does your pet sitting company take care of horses? There are many pet sitters in phoenix that will not take care of horses. All Creatures Pet Sitting will take care of your horses. Horses are such delicate creatures. So many things can go wrong on these gentle giants. So Having the right pet sitting company who is qualified in taking care of horses is so important.

Can your current pet sitter tell when your horse is not acting right? Why is the horse lying down so long? Are they drinking enough water, especially in Phoenix, AZ during the summer months? Are they injured? Do they know when to call the vet? Do they know what colic is? What’s a flake of hay? So how do you know if your sitter is qualified? Ask questions like, how many years experience with horses do you have. Do they have any degrees with horses.

All Creatures Pet Sitting has over 34 years experience with horses. Susan has an Associate degree in Equine Training and Management. Plus Susan has taken care of foals, mares, geldings and stallions. Susan has had many different breeds of horses of her own. She has had minis, t-breds, appy’s paints, quarterhorses, gaited horses. She has exercised and groomed many horses from minis to qypsy  drum  horses. Susan has shown appaloosas, Quarterhorses in breed classes to open horse shows. She mostly trail rides now.

You can trust this phoenix pet sitting company to care for all your horses needs. We offer feeding, mucking stalls, exercising, and grooming, and any medical attention needed.

Call 602-404-4185 or visit for more information

What Does This Phoenix Pet Sitter Do On A Meet and Greet

new-client-tagHave you ever wondered what goes on at a meet and greet? Well this phoenix pet sitting company offers this service for free. This service is where we come out to your house and meet you and all your pets. We are actually there to play on the floor with your animals. We tell you our background and experience. We show you our brag book, which is a collection of insurance forms, testimonials, photos of all the pets we take care of.  This meet and greet is also where we go over Fluffy’s care and routine. We go through the house and see where we sleep if this job is for overnights. Where food and cleaning supplies are,where Fluffy likes to eat, where Fluffy likes to sleep.

Then after the tour of the house we go over all the paperwork. We Fill out the contract, which has all of your contact numbers, then we get any alarm codes if you have an alarm, Vets information, pets information, like how much does Fluffy eat? and any other special information we may need to know. Then we sign vet authorization form, go over our policies, get 2 copies of the keys, and collect payment.

So roughly this meet and greet takes about 30 minutes to complete then we are on our way.