Do You Know What the Benefits of Walking Your Dog Are

thCAJ7UIUADoes your dog lay around all day at home while you are working? Do you come home to a mess? Does your dog chew or tear things up? Is your dog out of control with so much energy that he knocks you over when you come thru the door? Is your dog overweight? These are all signs that your dog is not getting enough exercise. So you ask yourself how can I give my dog enough exercise while I am working.  I come home to late to walk him, and I do not have time in the mornings. That is when you hire a professional dog walker.

Here are some of the benefits of walking your dog

1. Walking your dog helps release some of his high energy he has bottled up inside. He will be more relaxed and not so anxious when you come home, and less likely to chew up things.

2. If your dog is obese it helps him loose weight. Being overweight will put a strain on the heart and make it work harder. The rest of the organs will be affected.

3.  His body will be more healthier.

4. He keeps a regular routine, which keeps him from making messes in the house, because he will get to relieve himself on the walk.

All Creatures Pet Sitting offers dog walking. We have been walking dogs for over 34 years. We will not walk   more than 2 dogs at a time. We do this for the safety of your dog and the pet sitter. In Arizona we have to be careful of the heat during summer months. This Phoenix pet sitting company will only walk dogs when it is below 90 degrees. Dogs can overheat when the temperature rises. We can walk your dog 5-7 days a week, or just while you are on vacation. If your dog is overweight we will work closely with your vet.

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