How to Keep Your Horses Safe During a Thunderstorm

Here in Arizona we have many large thunderstorms this time of year. How can you keep your horses and other livestock safe?

While most livestock don’t spook just from lightening or thunder, some may. They can cause a lot of damage to their stall or themselves when they do if they’re confined, so consider letting them out to a larger area.

Wooden barn are safer than metal barns. Equip all your metal buildings with lightning rods, and make sure your pipes are grounded. You should also use a non-metal water container, and never place it on top of a hill.

Always check the weather forecast. Lightning strikes the highest point from the ground, and a rider on a horse is a good target. If you get caught out in a storm, stay away from lone trees, and head to low ground. A group of trees is less likely to get hit, but a wooden structure is better to wait out the storm. Wait half an hour after you last hear thunder before leaving to make sure it’s safe.

Our storms usually come with high winds, so make sure siding, roofing, and fence posts are secure; they can become dangerous projectiles.

Remember that lightening can strike twice! If it has hit anything near your home in the past, it is likely to do so again.


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