What Do You Do To Keep Your Pet Cool In Phoenix?

When summer comes in Phoenix, what do you do to keep you and your pet cool? There are a few fun things you can do. I only recommend hiking if it is done very, very early. It is great exercise, but dogs can overheat very quickly. All Creatures Pet Sitting will not exercise dogs if the temperature is above 90 degrees.  Makes sure you bring plenty of water for both of you.

The best thing to keep your pet cool is getting in the pool. You can teach your dog to swim, its great exercise and it will keep your pet cool. Always teach your dog where the stairs are so he knows how to get out just in case you are not home and he fell in.


Throwing the ball in the pool will also exercise him at the same time. If you don’t have a pool, go buy a baby pool. They can still cool off in it. They get their paws wet and some will lie down in it.

Indoor play is also a good way to stay cool. You will be in the air conditioning. You can play games with their toys, roll the ball down the hall. When you are done with that you can give them frosty paws or just plain old ice.

This Phoenix pet sitting company will be happy to play with your dogs in the pool or play games with them indoors. So Call 602-404-4185 and let the summer games begin.

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