What happens to your pets care if you are pregnant and go into labor

What happens to  your pets care when you are in the hospital having your baby? Its late at night and you go into labor and you suddenly remember what’s going to happen to Fluffy while I am in the hospital. Who can you call in the middle of the night to come and get your keys  and animal care sheets? Every phoenix pet sitter is closed at that hour. Well I am here to tell you how you can avoid this problem.

First you call All Creatures Pet sitting and set up a meet and greet in advance before you go into labor. This way we will have all the keys and information before your trip to the hospital. This will be one thing to check off your plate. Fluffy’s well being will be taken care of and you wont have to worry anymore.

Then we wait for a call, email from you that the special event has arrived. No matter what time it is we are there to take care of Fluyy’s needs. All Creatures Pet Sitting will text you to let you know we made it to your house and that we will continue to text with details of how your pet is doing until you come home.

Call 602-404-4185 or visit www.allcreaturespetsitaz.com to set up your meet and greet.